The Aspect™ range of cosmeceuticals has been expertly engineered with the latest cutting edge optically pure actives from medical science and nature to protect, nurture, revitalize, and cosmetically restructure your most precious asset. Whether it’s the look of imperfections that are marring your appearance or the lines of time that announce your age, Aspect™ promises to deliver the youthful glowing skin and complexion that you so desire in no time at all.


HUNTER Lab is focused on encouraging our brethren into healthier, astute living through the development of a methodical, effortless daily skincare routine utilizing these highly effective and addictive supernatural skincare tools.

The skincare tools were fashioned out of frustration with the current uninspired, chemical-intensive, repackaged-feminine products which pervade today’s male skincare market.

In HUNTER Lab we have found a way to bottle our combined years of experience in marketing, cosmetic product development and packaging design into building a brand focused on outstanding craftsmanship which inspires and effects action and change in an under utilised every day necessity in men’s health - skin care.

We aim to re-invigorate the marketplace by uniting the traditional grooming experience with the high quality, natural, scientifically formulated and environmentally sustainable expectation of today's market and provide skincare solutions which set the benchmark for men, interested in healthy living.

We have crafted our skincare tools to remedy men's skincare needs, to compliment their hectic lifestyle and to add modern inspired design, provocative textures and hard working simplicity into their daily lives.




Trusting the care of your skin to a product range takes research. Educating ourselves however goes deeper than simply learning about ingredients and what they do, it also involves educating ourselves on the ethos behind the brand making the products to build trust and knowledge that the products actually work. Everyone loves iKOU for this reason. iKOU is unique in both ingredients formulation being based on organic and wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower extracts, aromatherapy “Mind/ Body” holistic approach, and the DNA cold extraction process that keeps the ingredients so pure.

From the first time you use iKOU, you feel different. The skincare encourages you to breathe and brings you into the moment with the luxurious textures and essential oil aromas. Your skin will look more hydrated, elasticity is visibly restored and it becomes more radiant.

Over the weeks to follow, with a daily regime, you will find your skin gets healthier and healthier and more and more vibrant every day.

Love Your Skin

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EXPAT Living 2019 Gold Award - Singapore's Best Facial
EXPAT Living 2019 Gold Award - Singapore's Best Facial
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