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At SkinFitness we focus on the aesthetic approach to wellness however there are so many contributing factors such as diet and nutrition, lifestyle and exercise, that all play a significant role in achieving overall wellness. As our little business grows we have found a natural link with other businesses that are aligned to our values and also promote wellness and lifestyle choices.

My Pure Earth

At SkinFitness we scent our store with the delightful hand made essential oils from My Pure Earth. We love them because they are not only essential oils of the highest quality and purity they are also ethically sourced, never tested on animals, do not contain palm oil and at 100% vegetarian. Our favs include Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemongrass and Clarity Sage. To learn more or buy online, click the button below and visit the My Pure Earth website

The Iron Suites

Did you know that 1 in 3 women suffer from iron deficiency, mostly caused by menstrual bleeding and pregnancy? Loss of blood on a monthly basis as well as each baby taking approximately 1/3 of a mother’s iron stores during pregnancy are the leading cause of iron deficiency among women. Symptoms associated with iron deficiency can include fatigue (mental and physical), brittle nails, hair loss, dark circles under the eyes and pale skin; low iron levels can also cause severe issues such as depression and ultimately lead to anaemia. The Iron Suites Medical Centre is the first Asian clinic based in Singapore with a specific focus on the diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency. Clinical studies have shown that early detection and treatment of iron deficiency can restore personal health and well being and can be diagnosed by a simple blood test at our clinic. Appropriate treatment can additionally have the benefit of giving your skin a healthy glow and may result in better nail and hair quality. To learn more or book an appointment, click the button below and visit the Iron Suites website.


SkinFitness’s second location is located inside Singapore’s sleekest gym, GRAVITY. Located on the 38th floor of the CapitaGreen building opposite Lau Pa Sat in the city, this world class facility not only boasts an infinity pool and an outdoor pavilion together with everything you need for the perfect work out, they have also incorporated business services such as meeting areas and work spaces. We love it because we get to enjoy this beautiful space with the team from GRAVITY and as many of us are time poor, the concept of being able to combine working and wellness offers clients a way to incorporate more balance in their lives. To learn more, click on the button below and visit the GRAVITY Gym website.

Bacco Wines

Living in the hot climate here in Singapore certainly encourages the idea of enjoying a few vinos from time to time! When it comes to wine there are actually heather options which is why we love Bacco Wines. BACCO not only offers the largest range of Italian wine in Singapore they also specialise in wines that focus on organic production using minimal (often no) chemicals throughout the entire soil to bottle process. If you want to enjoy yourself without the headache check out their collection. They also hold super fun wine tasting events almost weekly where you can go and taste the wines for yourself and learn more about their wine philosophy. To learn more or find out about events, click on the button below to visit the BACCO website.

BACCO offer SkinFitness clients a 10% discount off their first order using promo code SKINFITVINO plus a free pair of wine tasting tickets that can be redeemed by emailing events@baccowine.com and quoting the same promo code.

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EXPAT Living 2019 Gold Award - Singapore's Best Facial
EXPAT Living 2019 Gold Award - Singapore's Best Facial