Spray Tanning - FAQs

How do I prepare for my spray tan? Ensure your body is free of make-up, perfume, moisturizers, and deodorant prior to your spray tan appointment. This is extremely important as the ingredients in these items may react with your tan and result in discoloration.

Exfoliate and moisturize your skin in the days leading up to your spray tan. The more even and hydrated your skin is the better the result will be and the longer your tan will last.

Stay cool – please wear dark colored, cool and loose fitting clothes and if possible flip flops for after your appointment.

What should I wear during the treatment? We offer complimentary disposable underwear for your spray tan should you wish to use it. You may wear anything you would like during the service, also if you want to avoid tan lines, going topless or nude is also acceptable.

How soon do I have to wait until I shower? The time you need to wait varies depending on which tan you select. Our Express tans develop in as little as 1 to 4 hours depending on how dark you would like it to be. Our Brazil Bronze Sun-Kissed Glow and our Brazil Bronze Deep Tan both develop in 8 to 10 hours. Your therapist will advise you on how long to wait before you shower. This guidance must be followed to ensure the desired result is achieved.

What color will the tan be? We have many different types of spray tans and our certified therapist will customize the solutions to match your skin type and tanning goals. The bronze color you see initially after the service is not the color of your actual tan – it is a color guide that acts as a guide for your technician when they apply the solution. The tan will develop underneath this color guide throughout the development time period.

What is the aftercare process? Please ensure you follow the development times correctly as over-development will result in a poorer finish. Also, please do not expose your skin to water, sweating or working out while your airbrush tan is developing as this will affect the result negatively.

Your first shower after the application should be short and in warm/cool water – please avoid using any soap if possible.

Please avoid any waxing after the service as it will result in your tan being removed. If you want to wax this should be done at least 48 hours prior to your tan is applied.

To maintain your tan, we strongly recommend you moisturize your skin at least once or twice a day after your first post-treatment shower. When selecting your moisturizer, please avoid ones that are oil-based as they will actually make your tan fade faster. Moisturising correctly will extend your tan and ensure it fades evenly.

Swimming and soaking in pools, hot tubs and saltwater will dry out your skin and shorten the life of your tan. We do recommend using a sunblock lotion regularly to act as a barrier while in water and also to protect you from the sun, our sunless tan solution is not a sunscreen and will not protect you from the sun.

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EXPAT Living 2019 Gold Award - Singapore's Best Facial
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